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July 7, 2020



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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an upcoming stealth horror game in which the player is an adolescent that's trying to be a good neighbor, but is instead met with a scowling old man who seems uninterested in making friends.

Hello Neighbor has been getting a lot of coverage since its release. The game is set in a suburban area in the USA, and the player is free to explore the house, which is recognisable to anyone who has grown up in America. 


The player has to avoid being seen by the neighbor, while also completing the objectives. The game starts with the protagonist being locked in the basement. The player has to solve puzzles to get out and explore the house. Once the player has escaped the basement and made it into the house, they are free to explore. The player could, for example, go into the neighbor's bedroom and steal items, open locked doors, and find the way to their neighbor's basement. 

The gameplay is really creepy at times, and when the player gets caught they are taken to a different room and have to start from the beginning. There's a map of the suburban neighborhood that you can use to help you figure out how to get into the guy's house.  You can use different disguises to get into the house and different tactics. This game is pretty long.


The graphics are made in a very simple way, but they are very good and they fit the game well. The game's sound design is also quite good, with the sound of the player's footsteps and the neighbor's movement sounding realistic.

Replay Value

Hello Neighbor has a lot of replay value, as the player can explore different areas and also try to complete the missions in different ways. There is a wide variety of different puzzles, and there is plenty of replay value. The game's controls can be a little frustrating, though, and it can be difficult to find things in the house when there is no map. 


Hello Neighbor is addicting. The game has some good scares and a great story. Overall, the game is an interesting take on the horror genre, and is a fun game to play.

Hello Neighbor

4.2 / 5

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Author: tinyBuild
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: July 7, 2020
Size: 34M

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